Wireless Presentation System

The Wireless Presentation Gateway connects Notebooks/PCs to any type of projector, TV, or Monitor for displaying high quality presentations.

Plug & Play

The Wireless Presentation Gateway is a plug-and-play device which is easy to install and connect to. Any Notebooks/PCs with a built-in Centrino or Wi-Fi card can easily download the driver and connect to the Wireless Presentation Gateway.


Using a wired or wireless connection, the Wireless Presentation Gateway is compatible with virtually all types of projectors. With a click of the mouse, presentations are instantly sent from your screen to the projector, without the need to mess with difficult-to-use cables.


The Wireless Presentation Gateway has the ability to deliver real time video streaming for resolutions up to 1024x768. It also provides a friendly web-based administrating UI for easy configuration and wireless security setups.


A support login code is used to prevent other users from accessing presentation contents. During presentation, screen images can also be protected by WEP 64/128 encryption.

Feature Highlights

ĦE  Wireless presentation; no cables necessary

ĦE  Real time display of PowerPoint presentations

ĦE  Supports display resolutions up to 1024x768

ĦE  No installation CD required; software is directly downloaded from the device

ĦE  Provides session security login and wireless WEP key to protect presentation contents

ĦE  Conference control function is provided for the host to moderate a meeting

ĦE  Provides a friendly web-based user interface for easy configuration

ĦE  Supports Fix-IP & DHCP

ĦE  Support Access Point, Hybrid modes


Please click the link below for more detail info.

Basic Model: WPS

Advanced Model for Video:

WPS 720